Guangzhou HippoJoy Technology Co., Ltd, a mobile game company focusing on game development and distribution,Business scope covers more than 150 countries and regions around the world。

Core members of our team, from the leading internet enterprises like Alibaba, have more than 10 years of experience in game developing and ad monetizing.Since the company was founded,HippoJoy created many hot games,and established close cooperative relations with leading Internet companies,gradually grow into a mobile game expert brand in the world.

The total number of downloads of mobile games developed and published by the HippoJoy exceeds 500 million.Long-standing position in the Top 10 of user downloads of Chinese game overseas manufacturers.


Musket Hero ranked 8th in Top iOS games in China
Let’s bomb ranked 2nd in Top iOS Games in China
Fight! Sticks ranked 1st in Top iPad games in China
Great Kun Fish, and Invincible Detective ranked 1st in the Best Games list in Taiwan
Strongest Right Hand ranked third in the Best iOS Game List in the first week
Groove Wave ranked 1st first in Best iOS Music Games