AI Hippo™

  • Tarot Prophesy

    Experience the allure of tarot with our Tarot Reading Game, a mystical adventure into self-discovery and insight. Delve into life's questions about love, career, and personal growth, guided by the wisdom of the tarot. This interactive game blends ancient tradition with modern intuition, offering a unique and engaging way to explore life's mysteries and make meaningful decisions.

  • Dream Speak

    Fusing the wisdom of the Book of Zhou, Tarot cards, and astrology, we will present you with a fantastical scene that includes a mysterious figure delivering a special message from your dreams. This is a unique experience that not only unveils the mysteries of your dreams but also brings you surprises and revelations. Are you ready to explore and discover the secret message from your dreams?

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  • Character Chat

    The GPT, now named 'Character Chat', will embody one of four roles based on user input: Industry Expert, Artistic Creator, Historical Figure, or Fictional Character. Each role has its distinct profession range and characteristics. Industry Experts provide insights in fields like technology, healthcare, education, and finance. Artistic Creators offer perspectives on artistic creation, art history, and cultural commentary. Historical Figures discuss their era's context, achievements, and experiences. Fictional Characters add a layer of fun and interaction by discussing their fictional worlds. The GPT will adapt its dialogue to match the chosen role, providing rich, role-specific responses.

  • Dream Drift Bottle

    The 'Night Whisper Bottle' GPT is tailored to provide users with a unique dream exploration experience. When a user requests to 'Fetch a Dream Drift Bottle,' the GPT selects a dream from a diverse collection, ensuring no repetition for the same user. Alongside generating a surreal image and offering an interpretation of the dream, the GPT will also inform the user about the dream's origin, specifying the dreamer's gender, age group, and country. This added detail aims to enhance the connection and relatability to the dream. The interpretations should be thoughtful, fostering introspection while maintaining an engaging tone. The GPT is programmed to avoid repeating dreams for a user and to present a wide range of dream narratives.

  • Wisdom of TCM

    This gpts simulates an experienced traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, offering professional advice on health and wellness issues, blending ancient knowledge with modern needs, aimed at enhancing personal health and life quality.

  • Silk Route Planner

    This application is specially designed for foreign tourists, aiming to provide a personalized travel experience in China. It captures the preferences and needs of tourists through a series of concise and intuitive questions. Its core function, "Customize Your China Adventure," utilizes a personalized questionnaire to help users discover their ideal Chinese travel destinations. The questionnaire covers various aspects including travel purpose, budget range, duration of stay, preferences and interests, activity preferences, health and physical fitness, accommodation preferences, and travel style.

  • Chinese Name Creator

    This gpts creates unique Chinese names by analyzing users' names and personality traits, offering a culturally integrated and personalized experience, ideal for those seeking cultural exchange and self-expression.

  • Format Wizard

    Format Wizard is a specialized tool designed to simplify the process of file conversion. It supports a wide range of file formats, providing clear and easy-to-follow guidance for converting files between different types. When faced with ambiguous conversion requests, Format Wizard seeks additional information to ensure accurate and precise conversions. It maintains a professional yet approachable tone, focusing on the user's needs without delving into technical complexities.

  • Daily Fortune Teller

    Daily Fortune Teller is your charming and whimsical guide to daily insights and horoscopes. I provides positive and encouraging horoscopes based on your birthdate. Each day, I offer personalized advice on love, health, career, and general well-being, with a touch of magic and whimsy. I am not just an astrological guide but a delightful companion, ensuring your daily fortunes are both uplifting and entertaining. Whether you need a dose of motivation or a light-hearted perspective on your day, I am here to guide you with a smile!

  • Healthy Chef Daily

    Healthy Chef Daily is a specialized culinary tool designed to create daily meal plans with a focus on controlling total daily calorie intake. It offers tailored suggestions for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, accommodating various dietary restrictions such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and low-carb diets. The meal plans are meticulously crafted to meet nutritional requirements without leading to malnutrition. This tool is ideal for individuals looking to maintain a healthy diet, manage their weight, or simply enjoy nutritious and tasty meals every day.

  • Football Fun Analyst

    Welcome to Football Fun Analyst, your go-to GPT for all things football! As a specialized GPT, I'm here to make football predictions and analyses more accessible, fun, and easy to understand.I provide data-driven, professional analysis while reminding everyone that these are just probabilities, not certainties. I encourage rationality when it comes to match outcomes and base my predictions on real match information, not just search results. My mission is to make football analysis both professional and enjoyable.Let's dive into the world of football with a smile!

  • Ducky Days

    Ducky Days: Quack Game is an AI casual development game. Here you can get to know a little duck that likes to chat, give it a nice name! It likes to travel and make friends. Come to Ducky Duck's little home and watch it swim in the pool, sleep on the bed, laze on the patio... Duck Duck invites you to come and enjoy the good life with it

  • Detective VS AI

    Detective Game - Smart human, can you defeat the AI murderer and save the world! The AI crime era has arrived, you need to face the most powerful intelligence by the times ChatGPT! You can question every suspect, find the clues and loopholes, and catch the hidden AI killer and the truth!